Strawberry Slime Scribble
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"Sly, Slier, Sliest!"

The fox slime is a shy fellow who isn't often seen outside of their burrows. You have to do something quite different to catch this elusive canine.

First, You have to have no slimes in your inventory. Then go to the Moss Blanket, And look for a little hole that's hidden behind or beside a bush. Then, Wait in front of it. Wait for the Fox Slime to come to you, For if you don't, It'll retreat back into it's burrow. You'll know it's there, for you'll hear a quiet shuffling noise or a quiet yip.







Fox slimes are very shy, Digging burrows anywhere they can to sleep in the Moss Blanket. It rarely comes out for it's terrified of seeing a..Lets not say. They enjoy cuddling with slimes of the same species, Nuzzling and twining tails together. Catching one guarantees hugs for you, too!

Rancher Risks

A fox slime isn't too fond of Tabby slimes, For they chase them and even bite them at times. They also enjoy chasing down Mouse Slimes. If their corral is near a Tabby's, It will jump over the walls to try and get to them. If High Walls is bought, It will attempt to burrow under the wall.

They also absolutely hate Bird Slimes, Trying to pounce at them as they fly above.


A fox slime's plort is surprisingly more soft than squishy, And they make an amazing material in your pillows! It's so comfortable and soft you'll fall asleep in an instant!

..Or you can sell them, That works too.


A fox slime looks like a pink slime, But orange and with a long bushy tail with a white tip. It's ears stick up like trees.


  • Patience is key while trying to get a Fox Slime.


  • Fox slimes will let out a growl and pounce at Killer Slimes to try and fight them. They almost never win.
    • They are, However, Terrified of Gold Tarrs and will try and run back to their burrows to hide when they see one.
  • A Fox Slime, If fed a Tabby Plort, Will become a tarr.
  • The achievement 'Patience of a Statue' can be unlocked if you wait for more than 3 minutes for a Fox Slime to exit their burrow.
  • Sometimes, Similar to tabby slimes, A fox slime will jump onto your head like a hat and can only be removed by vacpacking upwards or jetpacking into the air. When it lands onto your head, The achievement 'Nice Hat!' Is earned.


Fox Slime, Drawn by Derpagonair

Fox slime, Drawn by Derpagonair.