"Too Rock Hard for even Heavy Metal Fans"

The Fossilized Fennel is a vegetable found in the Fossil Fields and can be reanimated through Fossil Revival and is favored by the Anky Slime

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Favored by

Anky Slime

On the Ranch

Deposit a Fossilized Fennel into a garden's depositor and you'll have a large a Fossilized Fennel crop of your own. This crop will last for several harvests and is very valuable as a crop.

This crop, like the Anky Slime is a Stabliomorph, an organism with a slower rate of evolution than many other slimes or plants, so it remained looking mostly unchanged.

The Old veteran rancher's recipe for this plant is the called Hashgreys where the Chef (somehow) slices off the stem and roots, leaving only the bub behind, then Fry, add salt and season with the leaves of a Silver Parsnip to add that aftertaste, and you have a crunchy treat to Fossilize for.


It's a Fennel with a stony texture and white leaves


  • This is the only Ancient food that can be grown in a regular garden
  • This veggie is the size of a cantaloupe