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  • Revives fossils of any kind
  • Can revive:
  1. Coel Slimes
  2. Anky Slimes
  3. Beetle Slime
  4. Amber Apple (Fruit)
  5. Fossilized Fennel (Veggie)
  6. Drag-fly (Meat)
  7. Drago-fly (Meat)
  8. Drmyph (Future Meat)
  9. Slime Fossil (Random Chance of any Slime here or Pink Slimes)
  10. Plant Fossil (Random Chance of any Plant here)
  11. Amber casing (Beetle Slime or Drag-fly)

Found in

  • Fossil Fields (treasure pod)


  • It can be Fabricated in the Slime Science Lab (under utilities) and Placed down anywhere there is space


It is a suspended Box with an opening on top to insert fossils, and one on the bottom to give you what the Fossil was in life


  • A waste of time - clone a Pink Slime using this machine
  • Isla Slima - Clone all Ancient Slimes
  • Bone Botanist - Clone and farm all ancient plants
  • Bug catcher - Clone a Drago-fly, Drag-fly and a Drymph


  • This machine does not actually function like Jurrasic Park, it i n stead takes the body structure of the fossil, patches it into an actual usable mold, and like the Slime Science printer, prints what the Fossil was, living and well.
  • This machine also unlocks the Breeding pond upgrade, Seaweed bed, Tough Dumbells, Oxygenated Corral upgrade, and the Ancient Soil upgrade

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