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The Form Slime is a slime which can change forms like the Shapeshift Slime.

Form List:

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Form Ability
Fire Is feral, shoots fireballs at you
Water Has Blob Disease. Survives in the slime sea.
Ice Shoots ice cubes which does 20 damage to you
Plant Uses vines to grab other Slimes
Magic Turns Food into Plorts.
Lightning Strikes lightning on you, doing 30 damage to you.
Air Can fly.
Rock Tries to bowl you over.


Diet: Prefers Food-like Slimes

Favorite: Strawberry Slimes... and Largos!


Form Slimes are strange and weird. They change forms each 30 minutes. Legends say that the slime possesed an ancient crystal in an ancient tunnel. No wonder they say he changes forms every 30 minutes.

Rancher Risks

Form Slimes have many risks. They can attack since it said that any slimes which eat the crystal attacks people often. Beware of any Tarrs, ice cubes, lightning, and anything else that the slime can use to attack you!


The plorts are actually crystals, sadly, they have no industriel use but to throw away in the trash. Or sell it. Those plorts give you $100 and 1000 newbucks!


Normal: Just a white ball

Fire: A red fireball

Water: A blue tear

Ice: A ice cube

Plant: An Slime with an vine on it

Magic: Projectile-like

Lightning: An electric slime with an square on his head

Air: A cloud.

Rock: A stone.


  • The Form Slime is also named Ancient Shapeshift Slime.
  • Form Slimes form actually in 30 seconds, because the time goes up by seconds and minutes.
  • The Form Slime is not fully aggresive to you. Water, Plant, Normal, and Air aren't aggresive.


Grass Form

Grass Form.

Normla Form

The Normal Form. Noticed that it's misspelled as "Normla".