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The Flying Slime Pet is a slime that follows you around, once you've tamed it. it can be found everywhere on the map, and has varied favourites.

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The flying slime can be found anywhere on the map, and can be tamed. To tame him, you need to feed him all the different foods in one category of food, for instance, all the different meats, or all the different vegetables. Depending on what you fed him, his diet will change to what you fed him, and his favourites will be:

Meat - Stony Chick

Veggie - Carrots

Fruit - Mint Mango

After he is tamed, right clicking on the slime will make him carry you around.

Rancher Risks





Blue with feathery wings


  • It can't be vac'd into the vacpack.
    • However, it will follow you when you have food selected in your vacpack.