"Never weigh them, they're already scaled."
Flandrake (Flandragona officinarumis) a cream-colored veggie resembling a dragon with a caramel drizzle top and is capable of moving.

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Deposit a Flandrake into a garden's depositor and you'll have a multiple Flandrake crops of your own. This crop will last for several harvests and is consumed by a large variety of slimes.

Collect them as soon as possible. If you miss a harvest and let they automatically sprout out of the ground, they will run around and be hard to catch. Luckily, they hide from slimes, but hide from ranchers too.


The Flandrake is a cream-colored veggie in the shape of a dragon, and scaley ridges. It has dragon wings. It can't fly. It also has thin grassy leaves sprouting from it's head.

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  • The Flandrake is based off a combo of flan and mandrakes. It is also a play on the "drake" part of their name. That part resembles dragons.
  • Flandrake has Flan because "mandragon" and "mandraco" is weird.