'To hot to handle!'
The Fire Slime can be found rarely in the Glass Desert, commonly in the Blazing Mountain, and rarely Metacore.

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Flaming Pepper

Slime Toy

Log - 500 newbucks - Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially Fire Slimes because they can set it on fire. What, does this always have to be funny?


The Fire Slime is a strange type of slime that gets its energy from the flame on its head. It's made from slime that's very easy to warm up, but it still needs to be in a place with a warm climate to keep the fire going. It doesn't actually eat food, but instead uses it as fuel for its fire. As long as it's warm and has plenty of fuel, it will regularly give plorts. If provoked, It will blow fire at the attacker, unless it's a Tarr. (Not many slimes have been known to attack tarr).

Rancher Risks

The Fire Slime's risks should be fairly noticeable. If you get too close, the fire can spread to you. Also, if the fire on its head is out for too long, the slime will disappear.


The combination of a hot inner liquid and thick, insulative outer casing in a Fire Plort makes it pleasantly warm, and very popular on earth during winter.


The Fire Slime is a warm-colored slime with a large flame on its head. 


  • If you touch a Fire Slime or get fire blown on you, you will take 10 damage. if you get set on fire, you will take 15 damage  every 3 seconds until either 30 IRL seconds pass or you touch water.
  • Plant- and cold-based slimes will try to avoid this slime as much as possible.
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Old Art

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Fire Plort


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