a true problem,worst experience confirmed.

Battling two tough bosses are a bad thing...


Gaster looks like his undertale counterpart but more like a slime,and Professer Fiendish is a slime with mad hair and glasses and a frown.

they look the same in all their stages


at the indigo quarry,they will be found in the cave with the rad largo if the largo was burst.When you walk in the cave you will found them talking about something like a plan,mostly about conquering the ranch.then the cutscenes starts and you walk to them,and they will say that the plan is top secret and the fight starts as you and them got teleported to where the dr raddie fight occurs.



hp bar glitch that lasts for 5 seconds.

Gaster Blasters showing up randomly,aiming random direction(20 damage)

bones that homes you for a while(20 damage)

random gravity anomaly that WILL shove you in the sea if you aren't careful(insta-kill or no damage,depends if you are in the sea)

at stage 2 attacks will be more frequent but blasters are thicker and this new attack came out:traps you in a box with a random attack.(see above)


threw 3 devil dice that explodes on touch(ground,Gaster or you)

Asks a (very hard)question with four answers but only 1 was correct and touching the wrong one will zap you(50 hp)

work in progress