"The worst of any ranchers nightmares..."

Diet: Meat

Favourite: Chickadoo

Favourite Toy: Soul Capsule

Occurence: Moonlight Cove and Indigo Quarry

Slimeology: Fear Slimes tend to mess with the sanity of other slimes, and ranchers. They even eat poor Chickadoos!! These slimes raise your insanity bar, causing you to change movement patterns, hallucinate Tarrs and, if you stay insane too long, get a knock out that lasts 2 days!

Rancher Risks: Fear Slimes are super difficult to ranch if you place them near other slimes because if other slimes are left too long with them, they will more frequently attempt to escape and get away from the terror that is them!

Plortonomics: No Rancher has actually even tried thinking about what a Fear Plorts use would be. They just imagine that the use would be a bad idea!

Appearance: Black with red eyes, there's no glint in their eyes and they have a Tarr mark on their tongue.

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