Fear is a game mechanic when you're in the dark.

In goes up by thirty in-game seconds in the dark, and down when in the light.

Bad things could happpen if fear reaches 25, 50, 75, or 100%.

Bad things at 25%


You go to the alternate dimension, the Tarr Dimension. All slimes are tarrs.

Bad Things at 50%

Too much Speed!

You go really fast, and CAN fall into the slime sea.

Bad Things at 75%


Your screen goes near black and Tarrs pop out at you

Bad Things at 100%


You go back home to start a new day

Good Things at 25% - 50%

Forbidden Knowledge!

You unlocked: Forbidden Slimes!

Good Things at 75%

Dark Lands

You unlocked the Dark Lands.

Good Things at 100%

Scarier Scareslimes

You now unlocked Scareslime V2.

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