Fast Food Sl

" could i accultly eat this? "

Favourite: Painteid hen

diet: Meat

This slime might be the most friendliest of slimes you would ever meet, it usually never fights with other slimes, although it sometimes expreaments with food, like eating random things like oil, fruits, veggies, and plorts, lots of plorts, it is one of the hardest take care of beacuase, it turns into largos and tarrs easily, it pulses out cemicals that clam slimes and ranchers around it and, the gas it produces smells like a fast food restaurant, ( mostly like pizzas ) it fights with the Dino slime in the wild for, unknown reasons, maybe for territory, maybe for the reason of taste in food, no one knows, but one thong we do know is, it smells like greasy food, and that is awesome!

Rancher Risks:

although being friendly and peaceful, the pizza slime can be a..... pesky little slime, it likes to comfuses ranchers and other slimes for fun, also it should NOT BE EATEN altough looking, smelling, and tatseing ( ? ) great, it is HIGHLY toxic so put away your knives and forks, and look for somthing else to snack on, also why would you eat a slime?! That just strange and cruel!