Template:Alt Infobox"These dust-ridden slimes only like it when there are no machines."

Fallen Hieroglyph Slimes are more aggressive versions of the regular Hieroglyph Slime.

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Death of Slimes is just a belief. They really get reincarnated into the same species they were before.

Rancher Risks

Make sure that none of these ravenous slimes get near your machines. If they are exposed to one, they'll break it as soon as possible.

Resident Requirements

  • Has Eaten 2 Elder Roostros
  • Has Played One Round of Slimeball


Fallen Hieroglyph Slimes are Dark Red Slimes with Darker Red Wrapping around it, and a hole with bright yellow eyes (with one of them being blocked by the wrappings).


  • When all of the Resident Requirements are met, it will go into an egg-like shell, matching it's pattern. Once it hatches, it reveals itself as a Hieroglyph Slime.


  • Once you successfully met the Fallen Hieroglyph Slime's requirements, you no longer have to deal with them, because they will be replaced with Hieroglyph Slimes
  • Fallen Hieroglyph Slime breaks machines because while the Regular Hieroglyph Slime adds potential resources, by digging underground for them, Fallen Hieroglyph Slimes subtract potential resources.