"So good, you forget what other food tastes like..."

Fae Hens Are a variation of Hen Hen that spawns very rarely in place of any variation of Hen Hen. They look like a normal Hen Hen, but with colorful bug-like wings.

Ranching Tips

Be VERY quick when collecting these, they are quite rare and will even be chased by non-meat eating slimes. If a slime eats one, then they get a sparkling effect on them and will refuse any other foods.

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Favored by

Seemingly anything.

On the Ranch

Fae Hens breed like any other Hen Hen, with the aid of a Roostro.

Fae Hens will act like the favorite food of any slime that eats it, but this has the unfortunate side effect that the slime will be 'bewitched' to never want to eat anything else. There have been reported incidents of Ranchers acting strange or falling ill from eating the meat of one of these so here's a tip: DO NOT EAT THE FAE HENS.


  • A coop-hatched Chickadoo may automatically become a Fae Chickadoo if a Fae Hen is anywhere on the ranch.
  • Fae Hens can be used to make companions of slimes with no favors, but this is inefficient due to becoming the only food the slime will eat.
  • Bewitched slimes cannot become largos (Or Tarr if they're already largos); they refuse to eat plorts.
    • Tarr do not care about the taste one bit and are thus unaffected by bewitching.
  • Made for the Mangetsu no suraimu Competition based off of Fairy mythology, specifically the food.
  • Non-meat eating slimes may still eat Fae Hens, apparently seeing them as a vegetable or fruit.
  • 'Bewitched' Tabby slimes will steal other types of Hen Hens as if they were carrots.
  • Strangely, Fae Chickadoos cannot be used to get the "You...Monster!" achievement.
  • While these are free to use, I would rather not have an item that cures bewitching due to the idea that the bewitched status should be taken seriously.
  • Throwing a Fae Hen into an incinerator nets the achievement "Witch Hunt".
    • This achievement can be earned with a Fae Chickadoo.