"I don't think this is how factories work."

Template:Infobox PlotThe Factory is a large sewing machine-like device used to create simplistic bots. These bots can be customized to your needs.

A bot with no points will be able to defend from small enemies, collect four plorts in stacks of ten each, and has a slow movement speed.

Each bot takes 1 in-game day to make, along with 1000 Newbucks, so this is a late-game plot.



Adds 6 Points to total point count (400 Newbucks)


Allows any messages sent through the bot to a Tablet. (200 Newbucks)

Resource Efficiency

Reduces the price to create one down to 700 Newbucks. (500 Newbucks)


Reduces the time to create one down to thirty minutes. (300 Newbucks)


Allows multiple bots to be created at once, but all will be the same. Useful for creating hordes. (500 Newbucks)

This upgrade is disabled in Multiplayer. (if there is to be one) to prevent lag crashes.


With Points, you can increase one stat of the bot by one point. The starting number of points is 3, but it can be furthered up to 9 with the stones surrounding a Sonar Slime. 6 points will be added to the current amount for a one-time purchase of the Uploader in the Upgrades tab, making a total of 15 possible.

Each point will allow an upgrade to one of the base stats, Combat, Storage, and Speed.

  • Combat
    • Combat allows a bot to fight against tough enemies. High combat bots can easily destroy various enemies, and may even destroy Killer Slimes with ease.
      • Combined with Storage allows for a bulky tarr-destroying machine that also collects plorts to prevent the creation of more.
      • Combined with Speed makes a fast and lethal bot to destroy tarrs.
  • Storage
    • Storage allows more plorts to be collected. High storage bots can collect various plorts.
      • Combined with Combat allows for a bulky tarr-destroying machine that also collects plorts to prevent the creation of more.
      • Combined with Speed makes a quick plort collector. Moneymaker if combined with Newbucker.
  • Speed
    • Speed allows a bot's movement and agility to rise. High speed bots can quickly dash through areas.
      • Combined with Combat makes a fast and lethal bot to destroy tarrs.
      • Combined with Storage makes a quick plort collector. Moneymaker if combined with Newbucker.

Special Pointgrades

Using points, you can add some attributes to your bot. Each costs 5 points.

This section is free-edit, but any point upgrades that are too over/underpowered may be changed to be balanced or even changed to be explained better.

Name Effect
Invisibility Invisible...
Flight Able to fly and resistance to attacks from air and space-based creatures
Aquatic Hyper-resistance to water and attacks from water-based creatures
Ridable Allows the Rancher to ride and control their bot.
Slime Holder Allows the bot to pick up slimes and carry them in the back of their storage. Max slimes depends on your Storage.
Newbucker The bot will be able to sell the plorts right as they're collected.
Regenerator Heals itself overtime.
Tracker Will roam through a set area and will track for any large events (such as the formation of tarr, golden tarr, ect). Real-time video from the bot's point of view is sent through the Transmitter upgrade.
Berserk Whenever a large enemy is encountered (such as a Gold Tarr), it will go into Berserk mode, which allows it to quickly destroy slimes and tarr at a large pace at the cost of overheating for 5 minutes after.
Doctor If containing Pills in it's inventory, it will give them to slimes who have been infected with microbes.
Farmer Collects fruit and veggies in the wild.
Liquidator Collects the humidity in the air, grasses, and other water-filled substances to turn into water to shoot at Tarrs instead of melee combat. Combat increases damage and speed (due to being able to create more pressure to fire out the water)
Freezer Freezes Tarr for twenty seconds.
Feeder Feeds Hungry Slimes with any extra food. Collects plorts along the way.
Burner Like Freezer, but burns Tarr for 10-20 seconds.
Catcher Uses boomerangs to grab stuff, Legend of Zelda reference. Speed of boomerang depends on speed stat.
Bomber Throw Bombs at aggressive slimes, good with Boom.
Pot A robot to plant food on if you're stuck in a zone, so you would get food to feed slimes.
Toxic Like Burner, but does 5 damage to any enemies every 1 second.
Potion Improves any robot stats by seven. You can mix other potions together for a secondary potion that increases stats even further, boosting both to ten. (ex: Purple = Speed (blue) + Attack (red).)

Plort Upgrades

Plorts can be used to enhance the bot just a little further. Three plorts maximum can be put into the machine. This section is also free-edit to add your own combos.

Plort Effect 1 Plort (Appearance) 2 Plorts (Appearance) 3 Plorts (Appearance) Notes
Pink N/A 25% Pink Hue 50% Pink Hue 100% Pink Hue Pink!
Rock +1 Combat Small rocks crowned around. Stones crowning the top of the robot's base Large stones comparable to a rhino's horn.
Tabby +1 Speed Small cat ears and tail. Slight wiggle. Medium cat ears and tail. Visible wiggle. Large, cute cat ears and tail. Bouncy wiggle. Whiskers for fun.
Phosphor Can now glide. Restores health at night. Small glow. Lighter glow. Fiery glow, beautiful. Aerial Pointgrade doesn't need glide.
Boom Will self destruct if about to die. Crack lines form. Golden cracks form. Lava-like cracks form, occasional crackling of gunpowder heard. Boosted with Bomber.
Honey Plorts will be magnetized the bot. Golden dewdrops form. Honey drips from rim of base. Sticky, oozing honey drips from this bot. Honey Maid cracker.
Puddle Bot is now semi-aquatic. Lasts in water for 10 minutes before having to go on land. Lasts in water for 20 minutes before having to go on land. Lasts in water for one hour before having to go on land. That's real life minutes/hours.

Aquatic Pointgrade makes this unnecessary.

Rad Emits a green aura. Does damage to aggressive slimes in aura. Thin, almost invisible radiation aura Glass-like radiation aura, still viewable. Strong radioactive forcefield, can even be hazardous to the rancher if stood close for too long.
Gold Shiny! Bot becomes bronze-colored. Bot becomes a shiny, sparkling silver. The bot is colored a hypnotizing gold. why are the boxes suddenly cut off
Frost Has an icicle on head. Shoots 1 small icicle. Shoots 2 medium icicles. Shoots 3 big icicles, has a chance to replace the icicles to snowflakes, doing more damage to aggressive slimes.
Aether 2x Damage to non-flying creatures Gains a thin ribbon on top of the base. Ribbon medium-sized. Thick, plume-like, majestic ribbon.
Hero 1.5x Damage to all enemies Small horn on front. Sharp, spiked horn on front. Sharpened silver horn on front, large.
Art Leaves trail of white, toxinous oil. Color changes every so often. Bot turns colors to slightly camoflauge. Metallic bits turn colors depending on the area's danger level.
Grass Cures Tarr on contact. Vines curl around legs. Flowers bloom on legs. Flowers become multicolored.
Fire Contact damage. Dull red, sparks coming out of the top. Orange. Yellow, large flame on top.
Ghost Can disappear when in danger, gravity has less effect. Translucent More translucent Even more translucent
Zap Much faster speed. can zap aggressive slimes, electricity chains between slimes. Yellow Lightning-bolt effects coming off it Lightning-bolts are much larger
Bird Small wings that can fly for a small number of time. Wings are small, color uneffected Wings are medium-sized, color is greyish-blue Wings are big, color is blue
amethyst can get glided ginger more often than other food turns purple if it is colored it will; mix starts prodocing amethyst plorts that only sell for halve the newbucks much quiker than with max speed


  • This is not how all bots are made, but atleast in-game bots.
  • If multiplayer is ever added, bots will be able to combat.
  • So simple yet so complex.
  • There's a section to add a name to your bot, with a censor to remove inappropriate words.
  • You can customize the color of your bot, aside from using pink plorts, which only colors the gray metallic bits.
  • It is shorter than Beatrix but wider than a gordo.
    • This means it does not provide a 100% safe travelling system.
  • Bot AIs are smart. They're also pretty strong.
  • Bots do, indeed, regenerate health overtime. (10 health per 2 seconds)
  • [Insert Mettaton Joke Here]