"The square root of slime is blob"

The fact slime constantly blurts out facts which are totally true and are completely accurate. Do not question the accuracy of the fact slime. The fact slime is the most accurate slime. The fact slime is also the most handsome slime.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Facts

Favorite: 'There are more molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in the ocean'


The fact slime is a failed successful experiment to create a slime with a bit more intelligence than the average slime. It constantly tells you useful, important facts that will have a drastic positive impact on your life.

Rancher Risks

It won't shut the heck up the fact slime may give you information so informative and useful it will fill your brain with so much knowledge you will forget basic rudimentary tasks, such as breathing, walking, running, the english language, the spanish language, the french language, what rhubarb tastes like, what rhubarb which is on fire tastes like, operation of a teleporter, proper operation of a teleporter, or worst of all, some facts told previously


"The situation you are in is very squishy."

"The likelihood of you dying within the next five minutes is 0.61%."

"You are about to shove me in a vacpack"

"This is a bad plan."

"You could stand to lose a few pounds."

"The Fact Slime is the most intelligent slime."

"The Fact Slime is the most handsome slime."

"The Fact Slime is incredibly handsome."

"The Fact Slime is always right."

"The Adventure Slime is a blowhard and a coward."

"The Space Slime will never go to space."

"You will and have never gone into space."

"Space does not exist."

"Slimes that insist on going into space are inferior to slimes that don't."

"The Fact Slime is a good person, whose insights are relevant."

"The Fact Slime is a good slime, with many friends."

"Whoever wins this game is clearly superior, and will earn the allegiance of the Fact Slime."

"The Fact Slime is not defective. Its facts are wholly accurate, and very interesting."

"Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve."

"Pens. Pens. Pens. Pens. Pens. Pens."

"Apples. Oranges. Pears. Plums. Kumquats. Tangerines. Lemons. Limes. Avacado. Tomato. Banana. Papaya. Guava. Pogofruit. Cuberry."

"Error. Error. Error. File not found."

"Error. Error. Error. Fact not found."

"Fact not found."

"Warning: Slime corruption at twenty-c-c-c-cats cannot throw up."

"The square root of slime is blob."

"While the submarine is vastly superior to the spaceship in every way, over 97% of people still use spaceships for intergalactic transportation."

"Pants were invented in the 200th century to avoid Poseidon's wrath. It was believed that the sight of naked sailors angered the sea god."

"The atomic weight of Squishmanium is 72.64."

"89% of magic tricks are not magic. Technically, they are technology."

"A tabby slime's eye is bigger than its brain."

"Hen Hens can survive underwater, but not for very long."

"Polymerase I polypeptide A is a slime gene."

"Cats cannot throw up."

"Iguanas can stay underwater for 28.7 minutes. I tested this myself"

"Slime tapeworms can grow up to 22.9 meters."

"The Schrodinger's tabby slime paradox outlines a situation in which a tabby slime in a box must be considered, for all intents and purposes, simultaneously alive and dead. Schrodinger created this paradox as a justification for killing slimes."

"Every square inch of the human body has 32 million small ranchers on it."

"The Sun is 330,330 times the size of the far, far ranch."

"The average life expectancy of a slime living in captivity is 15 years."

"Volcano-ologists are experts in the study of volcanoes."

"Pogo Fruit have the highest fiber and calories of any fruit."

"Pogo Fruit have the highest fiber and calories of any fruit. They are found in Ranchers."

"The Moon orbits the ranch every 27.32 days."

"The billionth digit of pi is slime."

"A gallon of slime sea weighs 8.34 pounds."

"Hot water freezes quicker than cold water."

"Honey plorts do not spoil."

"The average slime contains half a pound of salt."

 "A nanosecond lasts one-billionth of a second."

"Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, at 3,410 degrees Celsius."