"Straight from the tropics of Speeder Hills"

Exotic Slime is a purple slime that can be found on a small island in Speeder Hills.

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Despite it's diet being mainly fruit, it also is interested in a Shishkebabs. However, they only eat them at specific events. If you take one of it's flowers from it's head, let's just say that it'll take something from your face...

Rancher Risks

Upon eating food, the Exotic Slime has a 10% chance to spawn a flower. This flower has the same effects as an Exotic Plort, so absorb it and throw it away as fast as you can.


Back on Earth, the Exotic Plort is used to make a variety of exotic butters. It can also be used for the flowers on the plort, for jewelry.


The average Exotic Slime is a light purple slime with a flower headband, normally seen during Luaus.


  • It's best to not use the plorts for making Exotic Largos, but rather, the flowers. As stated in the rancher risks, the flowers act the same as Exotic plorts. The plorts you can sell for money.


  • The Exotic Slime was, weirdly, inspired by Exotic Butters from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.