This is a branch of Slime Science that allows you to change the biome of areas in your ranch, add natural ponds to your ranch, add environmental features that aren't decorations, add wild crops outside your ranch, and even add or remove plots! This is a valuable thing for ranchers to do, as it gives them lots of power in editing their ranch for the happiness of slimes or for moneymaking as well as eliminating feral canyons.

Entering And Levels

When you enter Slime Science, you are given an email from the Bureau of Slime Science:

"Hi, we are the Bureau of Slime Science, and we would like to invite you to the science of environmental engineering. What is environmental engineering? Well, it's the science of manipulating nature. It can include things like adding minerals to the rock, creating a natural pond, or planting trees -and it can also include adding or removing build sites. Why is this so important? Well, many ranchers want to let their slimes roam, but they only have a dirt canyon and nothing more, or they don't have a pond to accommodate puddle slimes. Many other ranchers have not enough space to build utilities or too much space that they don't need. And then there are ranchers who simply like to decorate their ranches. Well, environmental engineering gives you the power to do all of those wonderful things. But there is another primary reason for the importance: there is a growing 'feral canyon' problem around the Range. Nobody knows what causes these 'feral canyons,' or areas that are prone to drought, but they seem to appear more and more. We need more scientists to combat the problem by restoring those areas, and you have the potential to be one of them. We encourage you to try your hand at the powerful and useful science of environmental engineering, and remember to use your power in a responsible way."

In order for you to gain levels, you must create items and then send them to the Bureau of Slime Science (the option appears in your house). The reason for this is because they need you to prove that you have the ability to even use slime science well enough to try this more difficult science.

Level One -Create either of the three grass decorations. Once you've given them the solution, you are allowed to grow grass in entire areas of your ranch.

Level Two -Create any of the small decorations to progress. At this level, you can make small structures in your ranch and plant vegetable patches and fruit trees on cliffsides in wild areas.

Level Three -Create a water turret to progress. At this level, you can create ponds and geysers.

Level Four -Create a medium decoration to progress. At this level, you can create medium structures and plant fruit trees on the ground in wild areas, and you can insert chicken nests into wild areas by buying them.

Level Five -Create a large decoration to progress. At this level, you can create large structures, and you can build and remove plots. You can also change the biome of areas in your ranch.

Crafting Recipes

Cliffside Fruit Tree -10 Spiral Steam, and the fruit you're trying to plant*

Ground Fruit Tree -20 Spiral Steam, and the fruit you're trying to plant*

Vegetable Patch -15 Spiral Steam, and the vegetable you're trying to plant**

Geyser Pipe -3 Spiral Steam, 6 Puddle Plorts, and 2 Jellystone

Spring Pipe -6 Spiral Steam, 12 Puddle Plorts, and 4 Jellystone

Plot Recipe -1 Strange Diamond, 15 Jellystone, 10 Rad Plorts

Green Solution -5 Honey Plorts, 10 Puddle Plorts, 15 Spiral Steam

Purple Solution -10 Rock Plorts, 5 Crystal Plorts, 15 Indigonium

Pink Solution -5 Pink Plorts, 10 Rock Plorts, 15 Spiral Steam

Red Solution -5 Boom Plorts, 10 Crystal Plorts, 15 Lava Dust

Lime Solution -5 Hunter Plorts, 10 Quantum Plorts, 15 Strange Diamonds

*It is impossible to plant odd onions, they grow randomly in other crops in the Indigo Quarry.

**It is impossible to plant phase lemons outside of the Ancient Ruins.

How This Works

Biome Changing

This is the backbone for other structures if you really want to give your slimes a good time. While you can add features, all structures outside of decoration plots must be in the biome they are from. You craft solutions and use them, they are a one-time use. It changes an entire area, it's divided into areas beyond expansions. The main ranch is divided into the house area, the main area, the plots near the lab, and the plots near the overgrowth. The grotto is divided into the top area and the bottom area.

Creating Ponds

Once you have a spring pipe set, you can create a spring. Just click and hold to create areas, this kind of control allows islands to be created. You can't make it go past the ledge it's on, however.

Planting Wild Crops

You can't plant crops on your ranch, because that would give the player too much power. Otherwise, there is no criteria. This feature is incredibly useful for making areas inhabitable or restoring feral canyons.


You can only add these on the ranch. They are useful for walling off areas or just decorating in general, although they do give a happiness boost.


These features affect a slime's happiness, and make a slime less likely to get homesick. If a feature is from a biome where the slime lives, it doubles the effect, and if it is from the biome where the slime previously lived in, then it triples the effect and doubles the reduction in the chance of homesickness.

Factor Effect
Grass +5 happiness, 5% less likely to get homesick
Geyser +5 happiness, 5% less likely to get homesick
Pond in the area +10 happiness, 10% less likely to get homesick
Small structure +5 happiness, 5% less likely to get homesick
Medium structure +10 happiness, 10% less likely to get homesick
Large structure +15 happiness, 15% less likely to get homesick
In correct biome No boosts, doubles all other environmental boosts

How To Use This To Remove Feral Canyons

This is one of the quests that you were given. Here are the instructions for each known feral area.

Feral Area Problem Solution
Island to Moss Blanket Drought Add water
"Broken" islands, honey hunters Not enough food Add fruit trees
"Broken" islands, boom hunters Not enough food Add chicken nests
Canyon from last Dry Reef area Drought Add water
Canyon in Moss Blanket Not enough food Add food
Feral area in Indigo Quarry Not enough food Add food
Slime gate to Indigo Quarry Not enough food Add food


  • The solutions are based off items in Terraria that have the same naming theme and a similar function, they change the biome.