From the depths of the underworld adorable slime?
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Hieroglyph Slime

The End Slime is a very mysterious and rare slime, being only found in incredibly dark areas during the night. They have red eyes but are mostly black with red on the inside, making them look like a phantom.


End Slimes are very obscure and shy slimes, making them rarely seen. When found, they do not attack you themselves, but instead, "Call for Food", or let out a long screech that attracts Tarr Tarr. They do have one advantage when it comes to capturing them: End Slimes cannot be eaten by Tarr Tarrs. They simply will not be eaten. In fact, on rare occasions, End Slimes can be fed a Tarr Tarr. This also explains why the Tarr Tarrs disappear when you return to the area, as the End Slime can usually be seen in a corner digesting the Tarr Tarr.


An End Slime will eat almost anything, except for another slime. Catching one can be used for good recycling of any Tarr Tarrs you find. An End Slimes favorite food is a rare vegetable called the Ouroborange. An End Slime's plort is worth 500 coins, but due to their altered metabolism, it takes them around three days to produce a single plort. Feeding them Ouroboranges speeds up the process, while any other food will not be eaten.


Not very much; the End Slime doesn't appear during the day or in any place that is lit up and not shadowed by an overhang. However, they will always appear at one time or another near spots where Ouroboranges grow. These only grow during the night, but are symbolized during the day by dark green and red patches in a field.

Important notes

  • an End Slime cannot be sucked up while it is digesting food.
  • End Slimes are usually found either alone or in pairs.
  • Their basic looks are based on the Apocalypse dragon egg from DragonVale.