'The fiery spirit of this slime can be to hot to handle!'
The Dragon Slime can be found rarely in the Moss Blanket and the Glass Desert, but are more common in the Sky Island. Its diet consists of Meat and its favorite is Scorched Hens.

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Scorched Hens

Slime Toy

The Lava Lump. This mini volcano spits out little flames that attract the attention of slimes, especially Dragon Slimes.


Dragon slimes spend most of their time soaring through the clouded expanses of the Sky Islands, but are often found visiting the Glass Desert as that's were their favored meal, the Scorched Hen, is located. Unlike most slimes, these creatures are cold 'blooded' and require shade to produce plorts. Along with this, they've been known to attack and even kill other slimes, their most hated enemy seeming to be the docile Puddle Slime, so it's recommend to only house them in well armored corrals.

Rancher Risks

Often thought to be cute, huggable reptiles, the Dragon Slimes turn out to be hot to the touch, so jumping into a corral of them is not recommended. Their plorts also carry this trait, so ranchers should be cautious when handling them. Along with this, their fiery hot breath can easily fell un-expecting ranchers if the slimes are not often fed. Another risk to take into accordance is their adapt flying abilities,  which could lead to them escaping and raiding coops, further leading to plorts and unwanted largos,  or even worse...


The main use of Dragon plorts is for their heat. One single plort is enough to keep an entire house warm for a week, and they are often used in thermal energy plants.


Dragon Slimes sport a green bodily hue, but their fiery insides glow out from within much like those of a Phosphor Slime. Their appearance also includes sharp teeth, spines down their back, a large tail and tiny wings.


  • Due to the burning heat of their plorts, using a plort collector is recommended.
  • Due to the aggressive nature of the slimes around others and when hungry, keeping them fairly isolated and far from hen hen coops is a must, along with constant presence of food.
  • It's easiest to vac these slimes when they're in the Glass Desert, as they're hunting quite close to the ground. If not, full jetpack upgrades are recommend.
  • If you're looking for a utility largo involving the Dragon Slime, it would be best to combine them with Tabby or Boom slimes, as Tabbys give them advanced speed not only in air but on land, and Booms give their flame an explosive shot.
  • If you're looking to maximise plort production, it would be best to keep them in the grotto, where they can't escape to prey on other slimes or hens, and to largo them with Pink Slimes, which makes them slightly more docile and easier to keep fed, preventing them from attacking you as much.
  • To save space, they can easily be kept among Phoenix Slimes.


  • Their hatred of Puddle Slimes (And other water/ice based slimes) can be linked to the classic struggle of fire and water.
  • Their behaviour can be likened to the playful bounding of Tabbys, but airborne and a lot more deadly.
  • The explosive shots of a Dragon Boom Largo can be compared easily to the similar shots of Toothless from the How To Train Your Dragon franchise.
  • They are very solitary slimes, often appearing alone or in pairs. It's very rare to find many in the same place, other than when they meet up in the Sky Islands once a month to breed. This occurs every 30 in-game days, and can be very profitable due to the amounts of food consumed.
  • When hunting, they can be seen carrying up to 3 hens, before sitting on a high ledge to feast. They also often bring a lot of food to their breeding meeting.
  • Where they visit the Glass Desert for food, they also visit the Moss Blanket for nesting materials, and to rain down fire on the highly hated Puddle Slimes.
  • There is a VERY rare chance of finding Dragon Slimes anywhere, as they tend to wander with their cat-like curiosity.
  • They hold a close likeness to the Phoenix Slime.
  • My first slime rancher character I designed is a Dragon Slime named Sephy.
    • He's since been renamed to Blayze. ;0