"I see what you did there- oh, wait. No I don't..."

Distortion Slime
Basic Info
Habitat Indigo Quarry
Diet Fruit
Aggressive? No
Default Plort Value 69
Creation Status
Created by Hypno1337
Terms of Use WhywouldIevencare?

The Distortion Slime is a somewhat obnoxious creature that can distort its body to become almost completely transparent.


Average speed and a cloaking ability.


Most Largos involving this slime will include the cloaking ability, use with caution.


Tarr - Cloaking is passed down and will nullify the typical soundtrack accompanying this slime as well as apply to any simple liquids spread by the Tarr although this has a reduced transparency. The Tarr gains a passive, constant light transparency. This only works if a Distortion Slime plort was one of the three used to create the Tarr (or if a Distortion Slime was collecting the plorts).

Boom Slime - The enhanced ability to control light allows for the Boom Slime to not only be much harder to spot but pack a slightly larger punch in its detonations too.

Tabby Slime - The Tabby Slime is able to utilise the stealth capability to also make anything it holds invisible.


Boom Slime - The slime will become slightly visible as it nears detonation as not even the distorting ability is enough to stop all of the light produced.

All slimes - They simply gain the diet and cloaking of the Distortion Slime.

Slimepedia Entry


Whilst the need for a fruit-based diet is of a humble origin, in that there is a lack of need for otherwise. It is rather easy for the species due to their tough to track nature, even for predators.

Slimepedia Entry

Simple yet complex creatures. Their lifestyle is none other than basic, if not a bit timid. In the presence of hostiles they will try to keep to themselves and rely on their cloaking ability.

Rancher Risks

Whilst alone these slimes may at their most threatening get in the way of a rancher trying to escape from a Tarr or the likes. If plorts are mismatched and these cloaking traits end up on a more hostile and dangerous (now Largo) slime, a dangerous predator can be born with the power to become difficult to track.


The plorts are used simply to harness the cloaking power of the creatures that they came from. Providing dangerously prominent usage in armour suits and other millitary equipment.


A white, fairly transparent slime with a thick membrane and a typically happy face.




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