"Semi-solid Situation Solution Side-kick"
The Diplomat Slime is peaceful, calm inducing slime able to calm down even the grumpiest, rowdiest slime.

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The Diplomat Slime has the unique ability to make peace with almost any Slime, even the fearsome Tarr and the annoying Feral Slimes have a respect for it, and will not eat anything while in it's presence, making the Diplomat Slime a healthy and safe addition to any Corral, as it will not become a largo from the Plorts inside, seeing as it does not consume them.

They originate from behind the Slime Lab, waiting to be employed, which can be achieved by paying with 5,000 Newbucks.

Other slimes are naturally drawn to the Diplomat Slime, expressing a great respect for it, including the Boom Slime, which will not explode near it out of respect for its guest.

Rancher Risks

The Diplomat Slime poses no inherent dangers to ranchers, and in fact can protect the rancher from certain dangers, however they do pose the slightly annoying fact that they are expensive, and make an inventory space unusable on adventures.


The Diplomat Slime does not eat, instead sustaining itself on job satisfaction.

Since this is not a physical substance, a Plort cannot be made from it, however, this doesn't mean that big name Slime Scientists aren't trying.

This also raises to ethical question, of what the physical manifestation of "Job Satisfaction" could possibly be used for...


The Diplomat Slime is a light grey, possibly a relation to the Tabby Slime, but with none of the Tabby Slime's distinctive ears or tail.

More evidence of a relation to the Tabby Slime is indicated by the gold markings on its sides, similar to the darker greyish markings of the Tabby.


  • Keeping a Diplomat Slime in a Corral with other slimes can prevent the Tarr from eating the slimes inside.
  • A Diplomat Slime can be used as a quick tool to calm Feral Slimes.
  • A Diplomat Slime can also be used to calm down Boom Slimes, and stop explosions, making your Ranch much calmer.
  • It's most likely easier to keep Diplomat Slimes inside of Storage, since keeping them in a Corral has no added benefit, since they cannot be fed.