"Can't wait for the next Jurassic slime movie!"

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The Dino slime is a herbivorous slime that, despite contrary belief, actually does its not related to the stegosaurus, its actual cousin is the Brontosaurus. its uses its tail as a defense mechanism and to cut down trees to get there yummy fruit. Unlike their prehistoric cousins, the Dino slime is still alive today, and instead of feathery and scaly skin, they have gooey slimy skin, like a normal slime. Their closest living relative is not the chicken (like normal dinosaurs), its the boom slime (Wait, what?).

Rancher Risks

The Dino slime is easily scared and have a huge appetite, when they get hungry, they usually would try to break the corral they are in with there strong tails, but they are rarely successful, buts a good idea to get a auto feeder. They also don't get along well with many other slimes, so its wise to keep them away from your collection of honey slimes, even if they are so amazing, also it fights the Fast Food Slime for unknown reasons


The plorts are expensive to buy and they are usally used in jewelry on earth. So basically they are valuable, mkay?


A gray slime with red spikes out of it, with a tail that has white spikes on it. The slime's eyes glow green.