"Does this look like the face of mercy?"

Despair Slime is a Hidden Boss that you don't have to fight in order to fight Lord Goldarr or Apocalypse Slime. However, that doesn't mean he is an easy fight.

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Slime Toy

Despair Slime will not play with just any slime toy. Only the Devil's Spear can please this slime.


According to the hieroglyphs in the Ruined Abandons, the Despair Slimes are one of the Slimes of Agony. The Despair Slime created the entire Tarr Species.

Rancher Risks


How to Fight

Throw a Plort at Despair Slime when you see it. Once you do, a cutscene will play; Despair Slime looks at the plort you threw at it, and assumes that you were trying to make a largo with it. Upon false realizing, Despair Slime will emit a Dark Aura, and the screen will go dark.


Normal Form

Despair Slime is a White Slime with Red Eyes.

Despair Form


The Despair Form of Despair Slime appears, with the face of the Despair Slime's normal face. Then, the eyes close, making them unseeable, and the mouth is revealed to be an eye.


Despair Slime 2

This Image Pretty Much Sums it Up


Despair Slime has many attacks. Here are all of them

Attack Name Description
Telekenetic Aura Despair Slime summons a glowing purple ball of light that he throws at you. Don't let this ball of light get near you though, because if it does, it will lift the player up and smash you onto the ground.
Twister of Royalty Taken straight from the Phosphor Queen, Despair Slime spins around, making a tornado. If it touches you, it flings you away from it, dealing two thirds of your health.
Cactus Shooter Taken straight from Grass Boss, a Cactus appears on the ceiling. It shoots homing needles. These deal 1 eighth of your health.
Healing Aura ♥ Despair Slime glows green, healing himself. You can stop the aura by vacuuming it. With this aura, you can heal yourself.
NOPES FOR DAYS Many NOPE Slime ferals come in and try to attack you. If you feed them, they will be on your side and (attempt to) attack Despair Slime.
Mini-Explosions This attack is similar to Zero Two's main attack from Kirby 64. He summons boom plorts that explode into mini plorts. You can absorb the Mini plorts to gain half the money you gain for normal Boom Plorts.
Dark Void Despair Slime summons a black hole. If you manage to withstand the black hole, you get a plort to damage the Despair Slime with, but if you don't you will have 1 hp left, only relying on the Healing Aura attack to heal yourself.
Tea Break ♥ Despair Slime lies down and does nothing but drink tea for the next 15 seconds.
TARRS! Despair Slime summons 5 Tarr Variants to attack you. If you manage to cure them, they will all be Hero Slimes, so they can attack Despair Slime

♥ = Non-Damaging


When Despair Slime is defeated, the game goes static over time. In the background, Despair Slime vaporizes out of existance...


  • Despair Slime is one of the only normal bosses that is not seen in The Arena, but rather The True Arena.
  • There are two main inspirations for Despair Slime; Zero Two and Apocalypse Slime.
  • Despair Slime is basically the Zero Two of Slime Rancher.
  • Like a few other bosses, Despair Slime does not have the word "Boss" next to it.
  • Upon defeating once, you get to keep it. However, if you defeat it twice, You get access to fight his soul.