Template:WIP PageTemplate:Alt Infobox The debug slime is a extremely rare slime found anywhere. It is very rare and has access to part of the code.

Slimepedia entry

Diet: Fruits and veggies

Favorite: Codeberry


The debug slime seems to have an important purpose: to fix glitches and bugs. They wander all over the far, far range, looking for glitch slimes and other glitches. The slime is always looking at it's device,which it seems to get reports from. The slime can also phase through walls, hover, and code in objects. It can even fix glitch slimes. They will turn into ANY slime (except water based ones). Debug slimes also have the ability to generate a forcefield around themselves to protect themselves, But they only use this when they are in a boss fight.

Rancher risks

These slimes literally can not be put in a corral. They just phase through the walls. And the only way to vac them in the first place is to sneak up behind them. They also summon golden tarrs and killer slimes if provoked, but "delete" them when no longer needed. These slimes will also fix glitch slimes, so if you think glitch slimes are good keep them away.


The use of these plorts is unknown, but rumors say the slime rancher creators use them as "signals". Hmmmm...


The debug slime is a light blue slime with a futuristic lens over its right eye. It is always frowning and staring at its phone, which looks like an iphone. It also has a velvet "coat" over its back and part as its front.


  • Do not provoke these slimes. If you vac them on purpose, that will count as provoking.
  • If you treat them nicely enough, they may occasionally stop by your ranch to feed the slimes.
  • killing these slimes will result in a spawner of gold tarrs appearing in every plot in the map.
  • killing these slimes is nearly impossible.