'Nobody really know, what does that mean?'
DNAWW - a complex molecule, storing all information about slime.



DNAWW looks like DNA, but more adorable.

Storage and Use (By Cells)

46% of species has DNAWW stored in Nucleus. Other creatures has it drifting around in cell. 42% of creatures use it's information by Factoriums, other use it unknown way.

Passing to the Next Generation

Slimes are spreading their DNAWW by plorts. If Slime eat plort like it's own, it has 10% of chance to laying egg in winter, 20 in fall, 30 in summer and 40 in spring.


To modify DNAWW, you need special tools and knowledge. Tools are kinda expensive, but now, you can get free knowledge from this page.

  1. Get the DNAWW from egg.
  2. Get another DNAWW from another egg or plort.
  3. Make a cut 1st DNAWW, in the place you need to place new genes.
  4. Cut out a section of the 2nd DNAWW, to use as the new genes.
  5. Put it in the 1st DNAWW.
  6. Inject it back into an egg.
  7. Wait until your slime hatches.

This action may cause some bad effect on slime, if you make the smallest mistake. We are not responsible for death, disability or sadness because of slime's death. Thank you.

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