"Who are you? Do i know you?"


The Déjà Vu slime is a slime that is almost.......clear?

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That VERY "clear" or "transparent" slime is a common slime that appears everywhere,but rare to "found". It's hard to see it and catch it because it's clear. Each time you see one, you feel like if you've seen it before.

Rancher Risks

They aren't aggressive, but they will do everything to eat a plort near them. You can use "Air net" and "High walls" if you don't want to lose your slimes.


Their plorts are used as "clear clay" to play and mold it.They can be in different colors if you put some paint. Perfect for artists.


These slimes are clear and aren't visible. But you can see their eyes.


  • Its name is from "Déjà Vu", search it.
  • I found it in Dragon City.(lel)
  • Slimes can't see their body, but when a Déjà Vu slime is near to...5 or more slimes they think that it's a dead slime.