"Basically a Minecraft Slime. (Not)"
The Cubic Slime is a mid-rarity slime that has a unique way of escaping corrals. it makes stairs for other Slimes leading over the top of the corral. It's habitat is in both The Indigo Quarry and Cubeland. It's diet consists of fruit, and it favours Cuberries. It's not aggressive.

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This slime came into existence when some scientists tried to simulate a Minecraft Slime (sorry, had no good ideas.) and... well, they kinda did it, but its blue.

Rancher Risks

None really, but their unique way of escaping - building stairs - might count.


The plorts can be used to make anything perfectly cubic.



Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially Cubic Slimes who are still dazzled by round objects.



Six Cubics making stairs for other Slimes.


A cubic plort. Looks like the slime, but smaller, and no face.

Notice: My only way to draw is Microsoft Paint so these images are not the best. If you want to draw some for me that would be greatly appreciated.
Fanon Slime Rancher cube slime

A Cubic Slime

Update: I now have photoshop, but I still can't draw.

My second attempt at a Cubic Slime.

Cubic Slime

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