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Green Flish


The coral slime is the pink slime of the sea. It swims and hope among the reefs in the The sapphire abyss. It likes to poke you, gently. Sending you drifting off in the water.

Rancher Risks 

There plorts are often washed away, unless they get caught in a underweed. Therefore, suck an underweed back to the ranch.


These plorts look like a pink slimes, surrounded with purple branches of coral. They sell for 134 each, because many ranchers aren't willing to go to the sapphire abyss.


This slime looks like a pink slime with purple coral growing like a collar around it. This coral also can be seen growing like a crown out of one side of the body/head thing. 


  • Keep these in water or they will become unhappy and won't eat food. 
  • They don't eat land meat, so Don't give them any.

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