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These slimes are the one slime exclusive to the Dry Reef's Ring Island. They eat meat and love oinks.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Meat

Favorite = Oink


Coral Slimes are a close relative of Pink Slimes, the only visual difference is that the Coral Slimes have large, polyp-like structures protruding out of their heads. Coral Slimes are also very aggressive and will bite if not fed. Luckily for inexperienced ranchers, Coral Slimes live only on Ring Island.

Rancher Risks

These Pink Slime cousins are very aggressive, and will bite if they’re the least bit hungry. As such, mere Hen Hens do not fully satisfy them and they prefer the meatier Oink.


Coral slime plorts, while hard to get, are used for souvenirs and are polished for jewelry, they also contain chemicals used to make medicines.


Coral Slimes are slightly less saturated Pink Slimes with large polyp-like growths on the top of their heads.


  • Only appear on Ring Island.
  • The Coral Slime's favorite slime toy is a Utopian Urchin, like a sea urchin, but better.