Cooking is making new foods for your slimes! They will also stay full longer, and you could get 4 of each plort if you have both favorites of a largo!


Fried Chicken: 1 Hen-Hen: Meat

Bucket o' Chicken: 10 Fried Chicken: Meat

Fruit Salad: 1 Pogofruit, 1 Cueberry, 1 Mint Mango: Fruit

Spice cream: 1 flame pepper, 1 Mue Milk: Dairy: Slime Erupts in Flames, hurts the rancher

Milkshake: 1 Mue Milk, 1 Frozen Mue Milk, 2 Chocolate: Dairy

Popcorn: 1 Corny Cob, 1 Mue Butter, 1 Salt: Strange

Candy: 1 of any fruit, 2 Honey Plorts: Sweet

Honey Honey: 5 Wild Honey, 10 Honey Plorts: Sweet

Sponge Cake: 5 Honey Plorts, 2 Wild Honey, 10 Spongefruit (Must be wet): Sweet


Free to add to, with even fan made foods, but follow THIS format

Name: Food Amounts (multiple): Food type (Fruit, Veggie, Meat, Dairy, Strange, Sweet): Special Effects (Optional)

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