"I'm going to catch it! I'm going to catch it! -Famous last words"

Favoured by

Any space slime for 2 plorts or a galactic slime for 3. Rejected by non-space slimes.


Dark-To-Mid blue in coulor. has white dots around it repesenting stars. Has Light blue dots in it representing Galactic chips. Has Fire around it when coming down as shown in picture.


White glow when coming down.


Anywhere in space


None. just appears anywhere in space.

How does it come in?

It falls from the sky.


Non space slimes will turn into animatarrs if they eat this. Slimes hit by this will be bounced around.


A foolish rancher from the earth brought sugar to eat. they wanted to see how the galaxy's gravity worked so he threw some sugar into space. he kept doing this waiting for a reaction, until one day. the sugar Went on the nearby comets and started flying down. when the rancher realized this they tried to catch it to see its taste but instead. it hit and killed them.


  • The first comet cookie didn't land. instead it Got pulled away by the planet's gravity and flew Into an unknown place.
  • The Galactic slime used to have no official favourite