"The Aqua Slime's sophisticated Grandpa, Great Grandpa"

The Coel Slime is an ancient slime found very rarely (one every 50 Slime Rancher days) in the waters of the Fossil Fields and the Sapphire abyss and is obtainable via fossils. It eats meat and insects and it's fave food is Drag-flies and Drago-flies.

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Meat, fish and insects


Drag-fly, Drago-fly

Slime toy

Seaweed Bed (700 NB)

Reduces the Agitation of nearby Slimes, especially Coel Slimes who just love to lay around by the pondside


This Slime is a Stabliomorph, like Earth Coelacanths, and has undeniable physical differences as well as being able to survive without it's natural food of insects.

Fossils of this slime date as far back as 65 MYA, coincidentally when real life Coelacanths lived and survived after that mass extinction, however very few fossils have been found, due to their body compostion being.... less fossilizable than other slime's hard parts

Rancher Risks

This Slime goes feral if hungry for too long, and will give a a painful chomp onto the aggressor or ignorant rancher when threatened with hunger or death.

These slimes can also walk and bounce occasionally on land, putting them in contact with land-dwelling slimes, but however, they prefer to stay near water sources, and if away from water (or the slime sea) for long enough, they'll act like a hungry slime, unable to be contained and won't produce plorts even if eating, however this effect can be reversed by soaking them.


These Slime's plorts are used to act as fertilizer, being used in nutrient soil and your average rancher garden, this also does not pollute the soil. These plorts also taste strangely good, and are good as an average snack, or the meat in "fish" sandwich, but the shape of the plort might put you off.


This Slime has 5 fins, dark blue skin, cyan spots and gills as well as a typical slime face


  • When Largoed with Land dwelling Slime, they don't need to be in water, however, other slimes will not eat their plorts, but they will eat other plort kinds
  • They won't be feral with a seaweed bed around or a taming bell