"Ow! What was that?"


The Coconut slimes are slimes that will fall from the Coconut Trees,these trees are found in a secret part from the Moss Blanket.

Slimepedia Entry

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These slimes are pretty common, but they fall from the Coconut Trees, they won't damage you, and some ranchers got hurt by this slime.

Rancher Risks

There aren't any risks, but, as the Slimeology says, some ranchers got hurt, but if you have eagle eyes, these slimes might not hurt you.


Their plorts on Earth are used for making coconut milk and coconut jelly, also, they're sweeter than the normal coconut.


Just a coconut, but with a small face.


  • Their plorts are like Puddle plorts, but they 'survive' longer than these plorts. So, if you want these plorts, you need the Plort Collector.
  • Largos will have some dark brown 'things' on them, like real coconuts.