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'To cleanse the darkness.'
The cleric slime is here to lay waste to your sins.

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Cleric Slimes appear randomly on the range, roaming around and doing nothing. They attack any aggressive slimes, protect innocent animals and devour tarrs, generally keeping the peace. Though their most interesting interaction is that with the rancher; their aggression varies based on actions. Say the rancher has been hurling innocent hen hens into incinerators? They'd be heavily aggressive. At the same time, if a rancher has been keeping all their slimes well fed and happy, they may even reward them with gold plorts or other valuable items.

Rancher Risks

Cleric slimes will attack sinful ranchers and force them to amend for their sins via using their sharpened wings to strike them down.


They don't yeild any plots, yet do bring the good rancher rewards. These include:

  • TBA


A white slime with yellow wings. While attacking, theses wings will turn sharp, and be the source of damage. They also bare a yellow cross on their forheads.

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