Template:Free Slime"Diet consists of dead people." -Chicken Bosses

"Do not feed to your slimes." -PinebesTemplate:Infobox Boss


The Chicken Bosses are a duo of two bosses: Galinina, a humongus Hen Hen, and Galonino, a humongus Roostro. Once you are in The Moss Blanket, throw a Hen Hen and a Roostro on The Slime Sea together, and Galinina and Galonino will come out of the ocean. It is speculated that The Slime Seas goo ended up mutating the Hen Hen and the Roostro, turning them into the Chicken Bosses. The reward for beating them are a normal Hen Hen, a normal Roostro (the goo problably got off their bodies, turning them normal again) 200 coins, and normal Chickadoos depending on how many Pinebes hatched.

The rancher got to be a monster if they dumped a Roostro and a Hen Hen on The Slime Sea, but the two Chicken Bosses still are dangerous. Galinina isnt feral, the only thing she does is lay eggs about your size that, when hatch, causes a explosion and a Chickadoo the size of your legs called Pinebe will come out, but also isnt aggressive. Galonino is different, though. Galonino will run in direction of the rancher and attack with his beak, and then will throw dirt at the rancher with his chicken foot, which will make walls even if you avoid them, which can turn into a problem. The way to defeat both of them is simple: grab Galininas eggs and throw at their heads, they will explode at their heads and will cause 10 damage. Both have 200 HP, and Pinebes have 50 HP.

Neither of them release plorts, but Galinina releases explosive eggs. The layer of the eggs released by Galinina may actually be some kind of white, explosive ore, that, along with the radiation contained inside it also because of the Pinebe, will cause a explosion a few seconds after being layed. Aggressively launching the eggs at something will cause the explosion to be quicker.


  • Although the dirt that Galonino launches does work to do damage like the eggs, you still have to focus firstly on Galonino, since he is the only one who attacks, plus, the dirt that he launches causes fewer damage to Galinina and Pinebes.
  • Harmful slimes like War Slime and Boom Slime also work as eggs and dirt for this battle.
  • War Slimes are specially good on this battle, since most of the time The Moss Blanket is full of slimes, who War Slimes will recruit to help beating the chickens.


  • Galinina is a combination of "galinha" (chicken) and "nina" (girl), while Galonino is "galo" (cock) and "nino" (boy) and Pinebe is "pintinho" (chick) and "bebe" (baby)