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'Hey, don't these usually come in two?'
Cherry slimes are found in grassy areas, these slimes have a 0.5% chance of spawning instead of a Strawberry Slime. They have a 0.05% chance of spawning in two.

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The cherry slime, like its Strawberry Slime...Cousin? Has a scent that can attract other slimes, the only thing is, well, the scent isn't as great as the strawberry slimes', so not as many slimes get attracted by it. It is also unknown if the leaf at the end of it's stem actually grew off the stem or was just there.

Rancher Risks

The cherry slime, alike the strawberry slime, has a scent that attracts other slime. The scent, however, isn't as effective as the scent the strawberry slime has, so not as many slimes get attracted by it.


Alike the strawberry plort, cherry plorts are used with other plorts to make scent candles, it just smells diffferent.


A red slime with a stem that has a small leaf at the top end of the stem.


  • The cherry slime is inspired by the Strawberry Slime
  • This is Danceykitty's first slime(as you all probably know)