Template:Slime Infobox'"Two heads is better and hungrier than one!"

The Cherry Slime only spawns in the orchard, they have two heads, which have different diets. A Cherry Gordo will take twice the food and a Cherry Largo will have three favorites.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Veggies and Meat

Favorite = Reed Hen (Right Head), Turnips (Left Head)


Cherry slimes are a rare and unique type of slime. Found only in certain areas, Cherry Slimes have two heads, one will eat meat, and the other veggies. This strange adaption allows Cherry Slimes to have two favorites!

Rancher Risks

Cherry Slimes are not much to worry about, the only problem you may have is keeping both heads fed.


Cherry Slime Plorts are used in many aspects of life. They are used in several brands of deodorant and air freshener, and are even used in several exotic and scrumptious desserts!


Cherry Slimes are two reddish-pink slimes connected by a cherry stem. The left head is smaller than the right.


  • Cherry Plorts have come in twos and are connected by stems, however, the price isn't doubled.
  • The Cherry Slime's favorite slime toy is the board game Slimopoly, which it can play with itself.


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