Simply electrifying.

Charge Slimes eat fruit, their favourite being Volt Limes. They are always building up an electric charge.

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Volt Lime

Slime Toy

Overcharged and undercharged Charge Slimes like playing with the battery to neutralize their charge level.


Charge Slimes are always building up an electric charge, unwitting ranchers are in for a shocking surprise if they aren't careful whilst corraling them. Charge Slimes eat fruit, their favourite being the energizing Volt Lime.

Rancher Risks

Charge Slimes build up electric charge over time and when they eat food with Volt Limes adding more charge. If a charged Charge Slime touches a rancher the rancher will take some damage and be stunned for a short while, if they touch other slimes said slime will be stunned and pushed away. A splash of water will reduce their charge.


Charge Plorts are used in a wide variety of applications from simple power sources to tesla coils and eletromagnetic devices. They were also boasted in a fake starnet commercial of being added to their energy drinks.


A light blue coloured slime with light purple streaks of electricity flowing in their body. They glow with increasing electricty around their bodies when at low, medium and high charge levels. (5, 10, 15)


  • Charge goes from 0 to 15 where at 5, 10 and 15 will deal the same damage if you touch them and stun you for 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3 seconds respectively.
  • As soon as their charge would build up again at max they release an eletric discharge similar to Boom slimes exploding dealing 10 damage and stunning you for 0.2 seconds if you are nearby, this reduces their charge by 10.
  • Charge level is only reduced by the damage taken.
  • Charge level increases by two from Volt Limes, 1 by anything else.
  • A splash of water will reduce their charge by 8.
  • If in water their charge will reduce by 1 every second.
  • If they touch other Charge Slimes they will transfer charge to the lower one at a rate of 1 per second of touching.
  • Touching other slimes also only reduces their charge by 1.
  • Repeated shockings only replace the lower time with the higher one.


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