Formed when the tarr eats a plort unlike its own.
Celestial largos, or C-largos, are special largos that result from shooting a plort at a tarr. This can create a very unstable C-largo. C-largos are hard to maintain, and hard to create, however it is always worth the effort.


Shooting a single plort at any old tarr is not going to make the cut. You need to shoot several plorts at a C-largo to make it stable. Each plort raises the stability level by 1

There are many stages of instability.


Means very, very unstable.

Occurs at a stability value between 1 and 10

It will implode, sucking in an alarming amount of slimes if the stability level does not change within a few seconds


Means unstable

Occurs at a stability value between 10 and 30

It will completely dissappear leaving a shockwave in its wake if it does not reach the next phase of stability within a few minutes.


Means stable, duh!

Occurs at a stability value between 30 and 35

It can now be fed any food, for every food you put into it, it will give you a plort. The hunger of the slime does not matter. This is a very useful mechanic, considering no other slime has this capability.

Note: Stable C-Largos can randomly lose 1 stability point every day. You will be warned if a C-Largo is at 31 stability, and warned again if it drops out of the stable state


Means unstable

Occurs at a stability value between 35 and 40.

There is nothing you can do. It will explode in a few seconds. Unless you are an idiot and you decide to continue feeding it plorts, it will emit a large radioactive aura, then explode into 50 random slimes, and leave a shockwave of radioactivity.


Means you should probably run

Occurs if you are stupid enough to give it a stability of more than 40.

It will first crank up slime spawning rates, leave a shadow over the ranch, and then finally turn every single slime on the map into a tarr, just before imploding. This will get you the achievement 'apocalypse'. A list of post-apocalyptic events can be found here (Note: I will be creating this page, please do not make it yourself)

C-largos are about half the size of gordos, and cannot be vacced, or even moved using the vac-gun.

Due to an unstable slime's effects on the tarr, Unstable type C-largos are not possible. Neither are puddle slimes, due to a tarrs water intolerance. However, Gold and Silver C-largos are possible.

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