Hi I'm Slobby and I Will tell you some reasons why I got a wikia account.

  1. Sometimes I just have so many ideas racing through my head I don't know whrere to put them down.
  2. I love helping people. So with a wikia a account I can go on some wikis such as the terraria wiki and fix mistakes.
  3. I am always bored. In my contry now There is No snow at all and it's very wet.

​My favourite slimes 

My favorite slimes are the Dragon Slime, Tabby slime, and the first slime I ever made the Skull Slime.

My Favourite Games

My favourite games are Terraria, Slime Rancher, Happy wheels, Mario party, and Pokemon.

My favourite pictures on the internet

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This gif is of a happy pikachu. I like this picture because I laugh when I see it.

And that' all (I only like on picture).

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