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The merging of a Core and Shock Slime. Combining the intense explosive power of the Shock Slime with the nuclear power of the Core Slime to create a sentient, small nuclear warhead (that doubles as an EMP).

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Like the Cryo Slime, the Core Slime can fill in a large part of its diet with water.


Four pieces of food is needed (all of which must be the favourite) in order to attain 2 plorts.


The result of a Core/Shock Largo being allowed to condense is the Cataclysm Slime. This slime can efficiently control its nuclear properties despite its rather fiery nature. If threatened the Cataclysm Slime is capable of charging up a blast roughly 6* the size of the blast that a Boom Slime would put out with a radiation radius roughly double that of the blast and double the damage of the usual radiation.

The Core Slime's heat tolerance is surprisingly better that that of the Cryo and Core Slimes although the Cataclysm Slime will detonate in (and try to move away from) areas with intense amounts of heat. The Cataclysm Slime is much too dense for Rancher equipment to store. Despite being comprised of effectively four slimes, the Cataclysm Slime is only about as large as a regular slime.

Cataclysm Ascendant

A slime created if a Cataclysm Slime is able to survive and be fed regularly with its personal favourite food, the slime will change into the Cataclysm Ascendant; a stronger and happier variant of its former self that unlocks new capabilities and will give twice as many plorts. But with this newfound power means a greater risk to those that anger it.

Rancher Risks

If threatened the Cataclysm Slime is capable of charging up a blast roughly 6* the size of the blast that a Boom Slime would put out with a radiation radius roughly double that of the blast and double the damage of the usual radiation. This slime won't roll at players like the Core Slime would.

Fortunately this slime doesn't tend to attack needlessly and even then it will likely just use Bomb Shots rather than a more extreme attack. They don't show so much mercy however to those that have aggravated the slime. This slime has impressive jumping capabilities despite having enough density to make trying to push one of these less than effective.

This slime is capable of ejecting small amounts of its own mass at impressive velocities to create an explosive projectile. These projectiles come in a salvo of roughly four before the slime needs 4 seconds to recover in which time it will move 25% slower. The projectiles have a blast radius roughly 75% of that of a Boom Slime.


The plorts have a navy-blue outer shell with a radioactive, neon green on the inside. Orange cracks like those of the Boom Slime cover a large area of the plort.

These plorts take 5 slots due to how dense they are.


*Only Cataclysm Ascendants can use these abilities.

  • Blast - A simple and expect-able attack, an unaimed and violent blast is let out in all direction as well as an EMP and a cloud of radiation. The radiation is surprisingly short-lived and lasts roughly 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Bomb Shots - The ejection of highly explosive, nuclear matter even in fairly small amounts can cause hefty blasts from a distance. This is more commonly used than others due to its lower energy expenditure.
  • *Ascended Blast - The sudden condensing and detonation of a strange form of energy not native to its slime components. This blast has a much larger radius and considerably higher damage than the explosion of the regular Blast ability but lacks the EMP or radiation.
  • Meteorite Strike - A strange ability for the slime, it causes for small but explosive "meteorites" to strike down around it, more likely to hit the general area of any that may have angered this slime.
  • *Psychic Pulse - A strange form of energy like that used to produce Ascended Blast, this attack creates a widespread pulse capable of a vicious mental attack. Whilst more efficient on slimes, other species will be affected. This induces a crippled speed overall and the camera will overall sway uncontrollably. Slimes on the other hand will have their attacks locked down and their speed almost nullified. This lasts for 5 seconds but 10 for slimes.
  • *Flight - Just... Flight... Fairly fast and it can reach quite high, too. It doesn't interfere with other attacks...

Largo Info

The Cataclysm Slime can become a Largo

  • Dragon/Cataclysm Largo - Like when a Largo with the Core and Shock slimes, a Dragon/Cataclysm Largo can fire its explosive attacks through its fireballs and like the Shock/Dragon Largo, the heightened heat allows for detonations to charge 25% faster.
  • Other/Core Largo - The diet and abilities of the Cataclysm Slime are gained by the Largo.

Appearance == A roughly Pink Slime sized navy blue slime with green disks on the cheeks, red eyes and typically a fanged smile.


In this state the slime is granted a pair of slightly elongated cat-like ears, feathered angel-like wings and a fox tail. The wings being white and the tail a slightly darker blue near the tip. The fanged smile retains these fangs (slightly larger fangs albeit) but with a stereotypical cat-like smile.


  • Hardly trivia, but I imagine Cataclysm Slime as female.