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"This slime is so sweet, you'll feel gifted!"
The candy slime is found at Candyland, but they also have a 0.001% chance of replacing a honey slime.

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These sweet swirls of candy (and slime) are always bouncing and hopping to their heart's content, they're always so energetic, so it's no wonder why they're so hyper! They also like being around ranchers, and seem to follow them around.

Rancher risks

Like honey slimes, their risks are in their plorts, slimes do anything to get them and slimes can sense it from a further range. However, their risks are also in their energetic and hyper behaviour. They bounce nonstop and they are pretty high jumpers, so high walls are highly recommended for keeping these guys in a corral.


Candy plorts are used to make candy treats, their plorts are also mixed with mint back at Earth to make mint candy.


A very bright grey slime with a red swirl.


  • The idea of candy slimes were from Cookie Slimes, but at the same time was a thought Dancey had.
  • The quote has a very easily noticeable pun. (at least I thought it was pretty noticeable)