"Tiny slime, large ammount of adorableness"

Candlelight Slime
Candlelight Slime
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Amber Jungle




Gold Hen

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Only if spashed with water

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The Candlelight slime seems to be more like a fox-cat hybrid then a candle, the Candlelight Slime is said to be one of the most adorable slimes on the Far far Range. Candlelight Slimes cant be eaten by tarrs, in fact, Candlelight Slimes dont run away from them either, they just go straight towards Tarrs, the Candlelight Slime has an invisible, fiery aura around it that only affects and kills tarrs. Candlelight Slimes hate water alot. The Candlelight Slime adores eating Gold Hens and it seems to follow you around when given enough Gold Hens, it almost acts like a pet. And it refuses to eat any plorts available to it.

​Rancher Risks

As said in the Slimeology, the Candlelight Slimes hate water, splashing a Candlelight Slime with water will make it start attacking you, but eventually it will stop trying. Also, this slime has a extremely good sense of smell, it can smell its favorite food, Gold Hens, from a mile away, and will do anything to get them. So if you are missing some Candlelight Slimes, check around your coops! Not to mention they are extremely rare and have a high plort value, like Gold and Lucky Slimes, there appearance often includes panic and leads to (sometimes fatal) mistakes.


The Candlelight Slimes plorts are mostly used in enviroment friendly, odorless lights and they are also used to keep cold areas warm.​

​Extra Info

  • The Candlelight Slime is found in the Amber Jungle
  • Candlelight Slimes must live in the Scorched Jungle Ranch Expansion, if it does not, eventually it will stop eating until it is put there, and it cant be kept in a corra​l
Candlelight Slime

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