These guys solved the problem; they no longer wear helmets!

Kamicaras are a flying bird commonly found in the Wartorn Grasslands and is known to attack players that get too close to its nesting grounds. They are the only hostile animal in the area.


The Kamicara can be found near tall trees, flying around by its nest. When a player or carnivorous Slime gets too close (usually within about five to ten feet) it will fly down and attack. Each attack does about 10-20 damage, but it usually wards off Slimes. They can be sucked up and fed to Slimes, but are better off being used for trades with other ranchers, as they are incredibly valuable comsidering their availability, as they are relatively common.


They are usually found at the tops of trees or attacking other Slimes such as Gatling and Tabby Slimes. Their nests can be found at the tops of trees, which contain goods such as coins and fruits.