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"Finally at peace..."

Camberbis is a rare food item used to calm slime's down.

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Favored By:

It doesn't make the slime make any plorts...

On the Ranch:

Cambersis is a gem of maple syrup with a leaf symbol. Its stickyness and deliciousness puts relaxment into even the toughest of slimes...


A maple-brown gem with a maple leaf on it.

Special Effects!

When eaten, the slime does not produce plorts for eating it. However, it is so delicious that it can calm down hostile slimes, and even:

  • Make Rock Slime's Harmless
  • Stop Boom Slime's Explosions
  • Stop Rad Slime's Radiation.

You get the idea? Same with a bunch of other hostile slime's, too!


  • Squidy822's First Adoption!
  • This used to be kinda overpowered...
  • It can NOT calm bosses, or feral slimes summoned by bosses.

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