"To bee or not to bee?"
Buzz slimes are yellow and black bee-like slimes.

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Buzz slimes have a liquid diet.



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Buzz slimes are incredibly social, and due to that tend to be found in large numbers. They are known to take care of honey slimes to gain their plorts, being called the 'mommy slimes' by some after seeing how sweetly the slimes are treated. It is said that there may be a large amount in an abandoned cave somewhere, but no one has confirmed this to be true yet, other than the urban legend, Buzz slimes are not well known.

Rancher Risks

Buzz slimes react hostilely if Honey, honey slimes, or Buzz slimes are removed from the area, and they are known to sting. Thankfully, they lose their sting after using it, but unlike its distant earth cousins, the slime's sting grows back in about a day.


Buzz plorts, while not as sweet as Honey plorts, are still quite sweet and used as a sweetener. Buzz slime plorts also calm bees without risk of hurting them, allowing easy harvest of bee-related products from hives.


Buzz slimes are yellow slimes with three black stripes looped horizontally around them and a small sting behind them. They have translucent, yellow wings and short antennae.


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  • Buzz slimes are implied to be closely related to Phosphor Slimes, as both slimes come from the same baby slime: The Larva Slime.
  • A boss version of this slime exists; Queen Buzzy.
  • Buzz slimes will turn honey plorts into blobs of honey under the right conditions, but can and will become honey largos if these conditions are not met.
    • Buzz slimes have a very rare chance to create Royal Jelly instead.
      • If they do this process with Queen Buzzy present the chances for Royal Jelly increase.
  • Honey will not disappear when it hits the ground, rather just staying on the ground as a glob.
  • Honey can be turned back into honey plorts by evaporating them in a solar room.
    • Royal Jelly can be evaporated into honey plorts as well, but due to its rarity, this is considered a waste.