"These slimes are shaped like a grape."

A Bundle Slime is an uncommon type of slime that can appear in the Indigo Quarry along with Hypno Slimes.

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As they are multiple conjoined slimes instead of one normal slime, their diet can change from carnivorous, herbivorous, or frugivorous, and they have no favorite food.

Slimepedia Entry

Bundle Slimes can be visually compared to as basically sentient grapes on a stem, however they do not dry up in the sun and turn into shriveled yellow squishy raisins, which is good because they produce 6 plorts! Have you ever seen a raisin produce any plorts?

Rancher Risks

Bundle Slimes are not a hive-mind, which means they can flop around wherever which slime chooses and sometimes even harm the Rancher if not careful!


Their plorts are transparent and flexible, so they are used as a more eco-friendly version of plastic on Earth. How delightful!


A Bundle Slime appears as a bunch of small yellow slimes stuck together.

The plorts are yellow and stuck together like the slime themselves.




  • The phrase "These slimes are shaped like a grape." is a reference to the memetic "Kirby is shaped like a friend."