Aww, what a cute little slime! I want to keep you fore-POP!

The Bubble Slime is a very fragile slime found in The Purewater Isles.






Slime Toy

Slime Balloon - Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially Bubble Slimes


Bubble Slimes are a type of slime that contains more water than normal, like Puddle Slimes, but instead of it being mostly water and slime, this slime is composed of mainly air. As a result of its thin skin, it is easily popped, so extra caution must be taken.

Bubble Slimes are found when storms churn up the slimy water surrounding The Purewater Isles. When air is blown into a pocket of water, it forms a bubble which is flung into the air, like a bubble blower.

Rancher Risks

Being a bubble, the Bubble Slime must be moistened often, or it could eventually pop. This means splashing the slimes with water every so often. Obviously, an air net is also needed, and if it hits anything too hard, it could pop. The plorts also carry this trait, and will pop when dropped.


The air inside Bubble Plorts is very pure, and is often mixed with other gases and given to Intensive Care patients, or used by residents of heavily polluted areas.


A bubble with a basic slime face.


  • Keep these slimes away from Tangle Slimes, to avoid getting them smacked by vines and popping.
  • Try to keep these as calm as possible, so they don't bump each other around.


  • The time it takes for them to get dehydrated and pop is the same time it takes for normal slimes to get an empty stomach.

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