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In the life it's Slime anatomy's teacher

This slime is part of the halloween island slimes

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Boney Hen


This slime is fear for almost every rancher in the far, far range but don't make any damage to Rock or Crystal Slime

This slime is pretty dangerous so its not recommended to bring one to a ranch before getting the Tomb Update

Rancher Risk

He's throw bones if stom to strong the ground so be careful with him any Bone largo start like a feral so have always some meat in your inventory

When a Bone Slime is feral it makes a Bone area pretty dangerous


The Bone Plort is good for decorate in halloween and make TombStones on earth and is turn invisible for the night


They are like a normal slime but are totally transparent and he shows some kind of bones inside him, has black eye sockets and grey eyes, and you can count 17 bones inside him


  • You need the Tomb update to keep this slime on a corral
  • You need to be careful with make a Bone Large cause always start like a feral
    • Is recomended always bring whit you a hen (no meter what kind of)