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The Bloom Slime is an exploding slime which is found in Moss Blanket.

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Fruits and veggies


Pogofruit and carrot


This exploding flower is fueled with bombs. When a foe tries to pick it up, it'll flash red, meaning that it's going to explode. 750,234,065 people have died from these slimes.

Rancher Risks

Bloom Slimes usually hide in flowers, awaiting for the player to step on it. It hides when the rancher sees it. You could buy the "Bloom Detector" to see where the Bloom Slime is hiding. If you're dumb to vac it up or step on it, it'll do a whooping 100 damage to you! Luckily the Bloom Slime will disappear once it's vac'd up or stepped on.


Their plorts can't be used since they also explode if they're grabbed, vac'd up, or stepped on... that's sad. No industrial use!


A red slime with 2 leaves at the bottom